Congratulations on a great night! Thank you to you and your staff for all your hard work!
~Debbie M.

Thank you for all the great work you and your staff have done in this wild election cycle. Brevard is lucky to have you.
~Robert L.

I got my son-in-law to vote for the first time. He told me how impressed he was with the organization and atmosphere at his polling place. Great job!!
~Melody B.

Awesome job Lori Scott!
~Bob P.

Thank you for running another great election this week. I have lived in a lot of places and have not seen a better operation than yours. Thank you for the hard work you put into ensuring election day runs smoothly.
~Ed K.

Lori, I have worked the polls under Carol Weaver for many years. I just want to applaud you for how smoothly Brevard County's elections work! It is a disgrace to Florida what happens in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. Again, many thanks for your dedication and hard work.
~Mary V.

Voting has never been easier. You run a tight ship! And your staff are awesome.
~Courtney B.

Great job Lori. I have been consistently impressed with the work you and your SOE staff do for all residents in Brevard County.
~Westanna B.

So proud of you and your staff...thanks for a well-run office.
~Georgia H.

Steady line but the polls were very well organized, and everyone moved through efficiently. WE have a Great Supervisor of Elections. Thank you Lori Scott for the great job you do for Brevard County.
~Don H.

Thank you Lori Scott for all you and your staff do for Brevard County.
~Laura Jae H.

Just wanted to give kudos to Ms. Scott for an awesome election performance.
~Keevan T.

Let me thank and congratulate you and your fine team of dedicated workers to make this difficult and demanding midterm election a success!
~Deborah B.

I had a great experience at the polls yesterday. Thanks for you and your team's hard work.
~Valerie O.

Thank you for having a method to check the status of my mail in ballot on your website; it gave me peace of mind in under a minute!
~Ron B.

Lori, I voted today at your Titusville location. Everything was running like clockwork. Thank you for making it such an easy process. I think you are going to see record turnouts this election, if you haven't already.
~Jody D.

It is very smooth voting Thursday at Max Rodes Park. Your representatives were very friendly and competent.
~Robert L.

Lori Scott is Doing A FANTASTIC JOB!
~Mary M.

I just wanted to express my gratitude to the elections office and its workers for setting up and operating such a well-organized early-voting site in Viera. This is the second time I've utilized this early-voting site and each time I have been impressed with the friendliness and helpfulness of the workers and how the process was quick and easy.
I'm looking forward to using this facility again in the future.
~Linda L.

Good morning. I voted earlier this week at Kiwanis Park. I want to pass along my compliments. It was very well organized and very well staffed. There was almost no wait. A model on how to run an election polling site.
~Andrew R.

I'm an expat living in The Netherlands and I just wanted to say that I appreciate your office notifying me that you have received my ballot. It gives me peace of mind.
~Bob G.

Just received my ballot in the mail and couldn't be happier to find we got stickers!! I have always voted and once injured mailing the ballots was much easier than standing in lines, but I WANTED the "I voted" sticker!! Couldn't be more thrilled!! Thank you for understanding how much it means to many of us to vote and how proud we are to say so!!
~Sheryll P.

Thank you for all the hard work!
~Norm M.

You, and your SOE staff, rock the Brevard County Elections.
~Westanna B.

Thank u for keeping Brevard voters so well informed.
~Karen H.

You're doing such a great job Lori Scott!
~Keith K.