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Counting Center Worker Information

As a Counting Center worker, you will provide an important element to the election process, serve your community, meet new people and earn money. Interested candidates will participate in the canvassing of mail ballots and in the receiving of the materials from Precinct Clerks and Election Support personnel. Some workers, at the discretion of the Supervisor of Elections, may be able to serve in both or just one of the positions.

Counting Center Positions

Below is an overview of the responsibilities performed by Counting Center employees. Any additional knowledge, skills, and abilities may be applicable for individual positions.

Canvassing of Mail Ballots - Working under the direction of the County Canvassing Board, the canvassing function includes separating mail/absentee ballots from their certificate envelopes, canvassing the ballots to ensure they are not damaged or otherwise unreadable in the AccuVote Optical Scan Unit (OSU), and - in limited numbers - assisting with operation of the OSU operation. Pay varies from $10-$15, depending on the position assigned.

Receiving Center - The Election Material Receiving Board operates on the Tuesday evening of an election to receive and account for the AccuVote Precinct Optical Scan Unit, Ballots, and Precinct Registers. Duties for this position normally begin at 6:30 p.m. In the General Election, work may extend past 10:30 p.m. because of the volume of material that must be processed. Receiving Board functions include receiving the materials from Precinct Clerks and Election Support personnel. Those performing duties as runners may be required to handle relatively heavy bags in transferring and storing equipment and materials. Pay varies from $10-$15, depending on the position assigned.

Requirements for Counting Center Workers

Requirements to work in the Counting Center are similar to poll workers, except those interested in the canvassing of mail ballots must be available to begin work at least one week prior to Election Day. Depending on the number of mail ballots received, some workers may also be asked to work at least one weekend day. Those who wish to work just in the Receiving Center must be able to work the evening of the election.

Counting center workers must:

  • Be a registered or pre-registered voter in Brevard County.
  • Provide a Social Security number, which will be required prior to employment and used solely for the purpose of payroll eligibility.
  • Be able to read and write English.
  • Attend the required training session.
  • Not be a candidate, or the immediate family member of a candidate, on the ballot of the election that you are working.
  • Be available to remain at the required location until all work is complete.
  • Be able to work as a part of a team.
  • Be able to lift 45 lbs with a co-worker.

If you are interested in becoming a Counting Center worker, e-mail or call our office at (321) 633-2124.


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