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Telephone Solicitation

Disclosure Requirements

  • Any telephone call, including an electioneering communication telephone call, shall identify the persons or organizations sponsoring the call by stating either: “Paid for by … (name or persons or organizations sponsoring the call) …” or “Paid for on behalf of … (name of persons or organizations authorizing call)….” This telephone disclaimer does not apply to any telephone call in which the individual making the call is not being paid and the individuals participating in the call know each other prior to the call.‚Äč
  • Any telephone call conducted for the purpose of polling respondents concerning a candidate that is a part of a series of like telephone calls that consists of fewer than 1,000 completed calls and averages more than two minutes in duration is presumed to be a political poll and not subject to the provisions of the above paragraph.


Written Authorization Requirements

  • Any telephone call, not conducted by independent expenditure, which expressly advocates for or against a candidate, requires prior written authorization by the candidate. A copy of such written authorization must be placed on file with the qualifying officer by the candidate prior to the time the calls commence


Please refer to 106.147, F.S. for complete information on telephone solicitation, disclosure requirements, prohibitions, exemptions and penalties.





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